My Holy Grail Hair Products – Aunt Jackies Review


Hello all you beautiful people….Its Fri_YAAAAY!!!

I hope you guys had an awesome week…I cant believe we are almost going into the cold season, although I love both winter and summer, I feel that winter made quite an entrance this time around. I got ready for work this morning with my heater switched on..I kid you not…


Hold on before I start rambling on and on…Let me tell you about why we are here…

Today I want to tell you about my favorite tried and tested hair products for natural hair…When I first started on my journey, Aunt Jackie’s  was one of the many hair care products that I used..but it is also one of the brands that has stood the test of time for me…and here’s why…


The Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean Moisturizing and Softening Shampoo is a  SULFATE-FREE cleanser that is enriched with my favorite essential oil (Olive oil) and Shea Butter and it thoroughly cleans your hair without stripping away  the hairs natural oils. It replenishes with carrier and essential oils to deposit moisture into the hair shaft. This Shampoo is free from Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral Oils and it contains no Petrolatum!!!                                    It Retails for R59.95 at Clicks 


Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy is amazing if you have longer hair…knots and tangles don’t stand a chance here. As you are probably aware that us curly girls don’t use brushes and combs (unless its a tangle teaser or a Denman brush or a wide tooth comb). We use our fingers to detangle…Yes that’s right. And this product comes in very handy when you’re in the shower and need to detangle those tresses. It lets your fingers glide through your hair. It definitely has the slippery consistency that a great detangler requires. Its also great as a leave-in therapy. I don’t use it as much anymore as I recently went for The BIG Chop.                It Retails for R49.95 at Clicks


Aunt Jackie’s In Control Moisturizing & Softening Conditioner penetrates dry, brittle hair to restore and reconstruct it. Your tresses are left shinier, healthier and ready to be styled. My hair is much less frizzy when I use this conditioner and its so light weight that it doesn’t leave my hair too oily. I sometimes use it as a co-wash, as I don’t want to wash my hair with Shampoos too much. And it really smells cute, if that makes sense at all.                        It retails for R69.95 at Clicks


Aunt Jackie’s Fix My Hair Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque Deep condition, repair & replenish brittle, dry hair. It contains flaxseed, mango, avocado, and coconut oil and is a great remedy for high porosity hair (hair that is moisture resistant). Apply generously, fully coating hair. Leave on for 5 minutes without a plastic cap, or 10 minutes with a plastic cap for deeper conditioning, then rinse thoroughly. Never leave a deep conditioner or a hair mask on for longer 20 minutes and DO NOT SLEEP WITH IT. I swear by this product you guys. I use it once a week and its BOMB!!!                                                                                       It retails for R127.95 at Clicks 

           IMG_2224 Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard Whoop Whoop…now I get to rave about my favorite product of the entire range…Yes ladies this curling custard is the best thing since sex. It smells sweet, it softens your hair and it defines the curls…Hold on, did I mention how soft your hair feels? LOL…My finger coils are bomb when I use my custard.  It is rich in moisture and blended with natural ingredients to leave hair looking healthy and won’t cause build-up or flaking.                                                                                                                    It retails for R59.95 at Clicks


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